Sunday, October 19, 2008

E-WEEK! Half way through and Up for air!

MacSoph is my computer. I have been tied to her, as Jocelyn described, and she and I are working overtime!
So much is happening on my website!

Most exciting new development: a year-long stitchalong for Hollyhock House in Student Lounge at Shining Needle Society!
Don't miss the opportunity to join Shining Needle Society (email, membership is free)
And don't miss the opportunity to have Hollyhock House and join in the stitchalong.

To see more details about Hollyhock House and ordering information, go to my website and click on "Samplers for Sale."

E-Week is half-way through! E-Week closes on October 22 when the California post offices close.

1 comment:

Ann said...

well, the stitchalong pushed me over the edge! I had to add this to my order, it's such a beautiful sampler, I love the colors, I love using Vikki Clayton's silks--it must have been meant to be!