Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mail Jail, Halloween and a Happy Birthday Wishes!

I am deep in Mail Jail because of E-Week and I keep waiting for someone to send me a 'get out of jail free' card, but so far no body has sent one. So day by day on my website I post my progress. So far I have mailed over 100 packages.

Meanwhile where has October gone? Here it is, just several days till Halloween. I just decorated my website for Halloween and even left a photo hidden of the most beautiful Halloween design I know of. A bridge tally from the 1920's. It is hidden on my Magic Carpet.

And next up? Happy First Birthday to Shining Needle Society! In its honor we are having a Cyber-Stitch-In to celebrate the day, November 1. I will be in Needlepoint of La Jolla and will post photos of the festivities. Shining Needle Society is now 2000 members strong! So exciting!

So Happy Happy Birthday, Shining Needle Society!
Gay Ann

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