Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Case for Color #2 arrives this morning

For the last three days I have posted different versions of A Case for Color #1 on my website; this morning, I will post the first A Case for Color #2. Tomorrow another version and the next day as well.

I mixed the colors on the cases, ie the colors are one way on the front of the cases, another way on the back of the cases.
I had a great time making all the different ones and probably would have made 5 or 6 more just because they are easy to make and fast too. A Case for Color will be the project for the spring in my classroom at Shining Needle Society, so I may just have to make another one or two of them just to stitch along with everybody else.

To follow A Case for Color and see the different versions, visit my website,

Gay Ann

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