Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Case for Color and Pam's and Kim's Colors

In the last few days Pam and Kim from Tomorrow's Heirlooms have sent me pretty color combinations, 16 of them, for my new mystery, A Case for Color. I published them 4 at a time and they are all now on my website,, 'Colors.'

Information about A Case for Color is there also, along with 6 different models.

A Case for Color is a simple little sewing case with places for scissors and a packet of needles. Easy and fast to stitch and finish, it is an exercise in juggling color and I am hoping people will use the opportunity to try some colors they have always wanted to try.

I made two different cases. On the first one I was much more conservative and chose colors that are the sorts I normally use; for the second I used colors that are very strong, much stronger than I normally choose. I enjoy now comparing the different effects.

Gay Ann

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