Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Case for Color Deadlines

MAIL JAIL is the mail division of my little business. It is a necessity but I like to escape MAIL JAIL as often and soon as I can. In the interest of escape, I have put some deadlines on A Case for Color.

Here are the deadlines: You have until April 10 to order A Case for Color if you wish to receive the pattern now.

After April 10 registration will remain open for A Case for Color but I won’t mail patterns again until mid-May.

Why am I doing this? I have five sets of instructions I must write before the end of June, so I am carving out time away from Mail Jail to go into Instructions Hell.

On a lighter note, we are in week two of Color Inspirations on my website and in my Shining Needle Society classroom and this morning I have posted my own personal favorites. To visit them, go to and click on Color Inspirations 8 on the navigation bar.

Gay Ann

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