Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Scissors

Hello Gay Ann,

I love your new topic of scissors, the ones on your website are so colorful!

Will you talk about the kinds of scissors a needleworker should have for her craft. I don't mean like brand names, but more for function. For example, I assume the cute little scissors are for snipping threads as one stitches.

What about cutting canvas or linen? What about cutting silk, wool, or metallic threads? And what works well for the tiny cuts in hardanger and such.

I would love to hear your ideas on this.

Reply: Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your note and for the ideas.

I just posted photos of my all-time favorite scissors this morning, then ones I couldn't live without, my little workhorses. I confess to having more than one of each :-)

In the next days I will post more scissors good for A Case for Color; I will also start posting photos of vintage and antique scissors, a serious weakness of mine.

Gay Ann

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Love to Stitch 99 said...

That was a great question here. Which kind of scissors are best for which job?

It would be useful when choosing some new scissors.

Pierrette =^..^=