Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking Ahead and Dreaming

The Queen is in place on my website homepage now, and the small story of my surprise is in News&Views.

I am looking forward to our class at Callaway where Carole Lake and I are teaching the Queen. I hope we have a rousing good class for it is my final 'travel and teach' job at a seminar. Yes, after Callaway in January I am retiring from 'face to face' classes and turning to the internet.

I am a great believer that fantasy is the first component of creativity, and in the last couple of years I have found in the computer all sorts of fantastic opportunities for fantasy. I want to pursue them! I look forward to staying home with DH and MacSoph (my computer); I look forward to lots more classes at the Apple store and lots more ideas for my website.

Yes, I will miss seeing people face to face, but the computer has some great advantages. Face-to-face classes last 2 or 3 or 4 days; cyber-classes last for months. The months allow time to try a technique, think about a color, ask a question, solve a problem. Maybe, on down the line, there will be a way to combine the two. Who knows.

So here's to time to dream and see what I can do, both with needle and with computer, and hopefully a combination of the two.
Here's to more PhotoShop, some Illustrator and maybe some Flash. Here's to a magic gate, a poem, a castle and an alternative world.

I can't wait!

Gay Ann

If you would like information about Callaway Needle Arts School, here are some links.

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Front Range Stitcher said...

Go for your dreams girl; I suspect you always have. Life is not static, things change and we all should be so lucky to change when they do. I think this is a very positive choice all around. It's time to enjoy that beautiful view out your window.

Plays with Needles said...

To be honest, I'm thrilled. I've been a stitcher wanting to take a class from you for years. I'm in the Constellation Chapter in Maryland and friend with Leslie Carson. I usually can't afford the time away or the money at this point in my life to go to seminar or Callaway. Not having the added expense of air fare and hotels will make your class affordable to me. I have taken many many internet classes and I LOVE them. I'm SO happy to see that you'll be teaching here.

P.S. I mentioned your work in a post today. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to change.

P.P.S. I noticed you're teaching Elizabeth to the San Bernardino chapter? And they allow ghosts? I'm not sure what a ghost is, but I would love to be one for that class. Who should I contact? Thanks again. Susan