Monday, May 31, 2010

Some of my proudest moments in Stitching Elizabeth 1

For a couple of weeks I have been writing about my experiences stitching a portrait of Elizabeth 1 (currently on my website's home page).

Tomorrow morning I plan to continue my series on stitching Elizabeth 1 by writing about my proudest stitching moments.

So often my proudest stitching moments happen not when I use a difficult stitch but when I manage to convey a certain effect by choosing a stitch well. Sometimes this happens with the simplest stitches I know, and such is the case with one of my favorite parts of Elizabeth 1.

I have long said, it isn't the number of stitches or the level of difficulty that sets apart a piece of needlework; it is the skill in using the stitches to achieve certain effects. I wish I could say it is all skill, but it is usually the result of a lot of experimentation and a measure of good luck. Actually more than a measure of good luck.

For my series, visit and click on Elizabeth 1.

Gay Ann


Cheryl said...

Breathtakingly beautiful. You captured the "Hans Holbein" portraiture look of the day with your embroidery. I always remember you as the lady who taught me the bullion stitch at ANG in Atlanta, but while I may still be working on my bullions you have definitely taken a leap into the stars!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Skill? Luck? In either case it all comes together from within. Your creations are definitely drawn from your inate qualities as an artist. Congratulations on all your achievements. And thank you for sharing them.