Thursday, September 30, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Pre-Week on My Website

The festivities for this year's E-Week are under way now as the Queen's Car arrived yesterday and this morning it turned around so we could see the backside.

I spent too many hours building the trunk for The Queen's Car in PhotoShop because I had only a photo of part of the trunk to work with. Although too too many hours, I had such a great time doing it! The Queen's Car plays such a big role in E-Week this year because it will announce all the happenings day by day. But that will come later.

For now the part I worked on the longest happens tomorrow morning and will stay up for Friday and Saturday.
The kids at the Apple Store helped me each step of the way and when we finally tried it, they laughed and laughed at it!
Of course I was excited to see it all become a reality, so I came home the day I knew it would work and DH cracked up at it too.

So tomorrow morning the next step in 'The Future' of Queendom Website makes its debut on my home page.
It isn't perfect, but I will get better at it all in the next year.

I love all this computer stuff. I love it not as an end in itself but for two reasons linked to my far greater love, my needle.
It gives me a chance to make Queendom Website playful and it gives me a chance to teach a bit of color and design in a playful way. Hopefully as I grow and learn more, I will help my followers expand their own horizons. I know this: it certainly expands mine.

Gay Ann, excited that E-Week is coming together

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