Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Behind the scenes on my website

It is almost autumn, I have noticed that the nights are chilly and the mist is creeping in in the early a.m. Time for fun and games on my website as I wind up to E-Merchandise Week, my fall sale.

This is the fourth anniversary of the time I first discovered I could post a photo on my blog and the idea of an 'E-Merchandise Week' was born. My fourth annual E-Week Sale of patterns and kits is just around the corner.

It has become a bit of a tradition that small mysteries happen on my website right before E-Week and this year is no exception. The small mysteries have become a way for me to incorporate my lessons at Apple.

Much as I have enjoyed my lessons, I have to say that some of it is so difficult for me that I leave class with a big headache and a need for a nap. Such is the world of adjustment layer masks, tweening, symbols, lossy, pen tools and paint buckets for this old lady.

So what intrigues me so much about MacSoph's kind when I could spend more hours dreaming up new designs for needlepoint? I see MacSoph as a wonderful tool for tinkering with color, line and texture in needlework, a way to bring a wider vision and perspective to a craft I have loved my whole adult life.

And along the way indulge in a little foolishness and fantasy.

Gay Ann

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