Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of My Favorite Stitching Days

One of my very favorite days of the year and certainly one of my favorite stitching days starts tomorrow morning at first light.

Yes, that's when I intend to pick up my needle and I plan to stitch the entire day long until twilight tomorrow evening.

Why tomorrow? Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and therefore more daylight stitching hours, minutes, seconds than any other day all year long! Since the Summer Solstice is on a Friday this year, I thought, why not extend my stitching days to three, right through the weekend.

So in essence I plan to pick up my needle tomorrow at first light and not really put it down again until twilight on Sunday. By then I should have aching hands and bleary eyes, but hopefully I will have accomplished a great deal!

A while ago I stitched a fantasy design. It's the first of the genre that I've tried and the whole concept is a departure for me. It has a long story that goes with it, a real one, and it also has a fantasy story that I made up. As I invented the story, I also invented two geometrics, a 'Garden Tile' and a 'Jeweled Tile'. It is my plan that by Sunday afternoon I shall have finished both 'Garden Tile' and 'Jeweled Tile'. I don't think this will be too difficult because I only have about 2 hours to go on 'Jeweled Tile'. I have a qute a bit more to do on 'Garden Tile' but finishing it is within reach.

But my plans are more ambitious than finishing my two geometrics. I am hoping to start 2 more, plus a small scissors case and needle case.

I'll be curious to see how I do and whether I can do it all. I will report again on Sunday Evening.

Meanwhile, I extend an invitation to everyone to come and stitch with me for a while, for as long as you have. Keep some company with your needle and share the time with my needle and me, and bask in all the lovely daylight hours.

Happy Summer Solstice and I hope to 'see' you tomorrow!
Gay Ann

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Frances W. said...

I was so excited to read your blog & see your comments about the Solstice.... My family & I just returned from an Alaskan cruise & Solstice was the name of our ship. It was truly beautiful ! Majestic mountains ..... Mother nature at its best.
I love your work & have several of kits. Can't wait to see your new geometrics. Being able to stitch all day is also my favorite..
Happy stitching