Sunday, June 02, 2013

Queendom Website's Milestones and a New Needlework Site

For a while now, as my Jane Austen Sale has wound down, I have been reflecting on the past year at Queendom Website and I've realized this month we will reach several milestones.

One milestone is the first anniversary of life in Our New Castle. Yes, as of June 18 MacSoph and I will have been using our new software for a year. I am happy to report that we have made the adjustment and we are settled here and comfortable and able to run Queendom Website uneventfully -- most of the time..

In looking back, I realize we are also approaching Queendom Website's 5th anniversary. It was in March, 2008 that MacSoph came into my life and I started going to Apple's One to One lessons. By late June 2008, with much help from my first tutor, Brian, I had designed Queendom Website and we first published it.

And now another milestone: Queendom Website is approaching a half-million hits. I think the counter will roll over to 500,000 likely in 3 or 4 more days.

I've been trying to decide how we might celebrate these milestones in our online life.

In reflecting on my 5-year journey at Apple University, perhaps the most fitting celebration is a new very small website.  As Queendom Website approaches its milestones, I would like to introduce is an experiment, mostly just to see if I could do it, and like Queendom Website five years ago, I had a ton of help.

So what is different about With very much help, I wrote the code for it.
Yes, I've been learning html and css and how a bunch of angle brackets and curly brackets and what fits between them add up to online images and text.

So Happy Anniversary to Queendom Website, to my MacSophs and to me. It's been a great journey and I look forward to seeing where we travel in next five years.

Gay Ann

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viv said...

Took a quick visit to the new website. Love it and look forward to what you have planned for the Jane Austen link. Congratulations.