Wednesday, April 16, 2014

e-Traveling Soon on a Needlework Trip

Five years ago we e-traveled on my website and a year later we took a short weekend e-trip to shop in London. We haven't traveled anywhere since then. Life on my computer became simply too hectic for anything other than changing web software and learning my new program.

But MacSoph (my trusty little laptop) and I are well settled in our new software now, and I must say, Adobe has done a great job of improving the program. I've followed it since it was in beta, and it is now quite wonderful!

The travel bug has bitten both MacSoph and me and we are ready to go. Soon our private e-Jet called 'Queen's Flight'  (which is actually a flying needlepoint shop) will be ready for take off and we fly off into the sunset.

Where are we going? This trip is a long-held dream of mine, an idea I thought up almost five years ago, shortly after our trip in 2009 ended. I hope you will follow along as we begin packing projects and taking off, for this trip is all about stitching our stashed projects. It is the reason for The Year of the Stitch and hopefully we will return home again with a good number of projects completed.

So visit my website,, and choose your Birkin bag and let's start to pack.

Our adventure is almost set to begin.
Gay Ann

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viv said...

Working on stash excites me. Packing my bag.