Monday, April 28, 2014

Traveling toward our Needlepoint Destination

We have been on our e-Jet for 2 days now and we are headed to pick up more needlefriends, then we will head toward our destination. We will land on Wednesday morning bright and early.

It has been five years since MacSoph and I flew our e-Jet on a month-long trip. We embarked on that trip so that I could have forced daily practice doing PhotoShop. As I look back on that journey I realize how primitive and new my PhotoShop skills were then. I'm happy to say I've come a long way in five years, but what I know is just how far I still have to go. Does anybody ever know a lot about PhotoShop?

For several years I've been monkeying around with animation and this year I've done better. Always hindered by file size (way too large for what I've done in the past) I've finally learned a new animation program that has made everything easier and my file sizes smaller, so that the file size of my plane flying across so many images is very very small. Yay! Now I'm hoping our month-long trip will give me a chance to improve both PhotoShop and animation skills.

So what will we do on our trip?

That will unfold in the next few days as we arrive at our destination.

Back to work picking up our needlefriends as we continue our journey.
Gay Ann

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