Friday, March 30, 2007

Corrections for My Redwork Mystery

In previous posts I have compiled a list of corrections, but I thought I should consolidate them into one posting. So far these are the errors people have reported. If people find others, I will add their comments to this posting, so please consult it throughout the project.

So far I have 4 errors to report.
(1) In the early copies of Part 1 I listed the red floss as Anchor #1009; it should be Anchor #1005 and I corrected it in most of the copies. If your copy is an early one, please correct the number.
(2) And Zeena Maclean discovered a typo: the word "stitch" on page 10.
(3) And the correct number of skeins of floss is 6 (not 8).

(4) Cora Howe in Sacramento wrote the following: "I believe I found a small graphing error between Oversize Graph A and C. On the left side bricks on Graph A the bricks are one thread lower than on Graph C."
My answer: Follow Graph A which has the whole cottage on it.
If someone has followed Graph C, don't worry -- it will work out fine.
Let's write the worst case scenario: Say you followed Graph C and the whole cottage ended up one thread higher.
The worst consequence: the cottage may be one thread taller and the chimneys will be one thread closer to the top border.
Not a problem.

Since I first posted the above errors, cherron has added:
"This is just a perspective question. On page 6 you Step 2 A (4) Left Side of Cottage; you show the stitches slanting from tp left to bottom right and vise-versa for the right side .. i.e. top right slanting to bottom left. The picture shows the stitching for the left side to be as graphed for the right side of the cottage; (that is unless you are stating the left side of the cottage as if you were standing in the front door facing out.) I am following oversize graph A for slant of stitches. I also noticed that you graphed the bushes as if you were in the yard looking toward the front door - hence bush on left pg 8 and bush on right page 9.

These blips do not cause any harm, but just thought you might like to be aware of them. Enjoying working on the piece and ready to start the surprise window. Should be bunches of fun"

And on April 10, Ann added:
Hi everyone
I came across a very inconsequential typo in the instructions, which I
am sure will not confuse anyone--but here it is.
Page 24, (5) Picture over the fireplace:
DOOR--should read second elongated cross stitch #37 [not #36]

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