Monday, March 12, 2007

My Redwork Mystery: New Surprises and Puzzles

As all of you receive your copies of Redwork Mystery, Part 1, watch my blog for a new surprise connected with the mystery.

And for you puzzle-lovers, there is a small observation you might make about a pattern in the color copy of Part 1.
Can anyone find it?

Mysteries, Surprises and Puzzles!

Gay Ann


Jeanne W. said...

2 observations:
- the color copy shows some irregular herringbone at the top of the roof - this is not in oversize graph A
- the outside border stitch looks like a herringbone also in the color copy, not an elongated cross as on the graph.

Did I guess right?
- Jeanne

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Hi Jeanne,

Good observation!
Not everything shows on the Oversize Graphs. If you use the Oversize Graphs as a guide, but work through the pages of the instructions, you will find the Plaited Stitch on the roof on page 7.

I often don't put everything on the Oversize Graphs. I worry they will become too cluttered and you won't be able to distinguish one pattern from another.

Thanks for writing.
Gay Ann

frontrangestitcher said...

The observation I made is that the vertical bands are different from the horizontal bands. The vertical bands have one more stitched pattern than the horizontal. Yes????


Gay Ann Rogers said...

Hi Madonna,
Yes indeed. The extra pattern adds a bit of interrest and makes the vertical patterns a bit stronger than the horizontal
Gay Ann