Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Redwork Mystery and Shining Needle Society

In my March 12 blog entry, Redwork Mystery: New Surprises and Puzzles, I wrote about a New Surprise connected with my mystery. The time has come to reveal the Surprise.

Kate Gaunt and Marie-Therese Baker have formed a new group called "Shining Needle Society" and their first venture is a chat room for my Redwork Mystery.

Please come join the chat group and meet others who are working on it. Write frequently about your progress -- for starters, tell us what colors and ground you have chosen and ask any questions you might have. The more the merrier and I promise to write as often as you do!

If you are interested, please write to Kate: for the details. Here's even better news for those of you who have struggled with online forms: if you have trouble joining, Kate said she would be delighted to help you. I am already signed up and Kate helped me. Thank you, Kate!

Whatever Kate and Marie-Therese do is just super. For years, and I do mean years, we guild teachers were greatly indebted to them for their diligent work on ANG's Seminar Faculty Committee (SFC). They were great hand-holders, problem-solvers par excellence and just all around wonderful liasons between teachers and students. I am so delighted they decided to start "Shining Needle Society."

Gay Ann

This afternoon Kate sent to me the following information about joining Shining Needle Society. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask her or me.

For an easy way to access the discussion group and sign up on Yahoo Groups, go to:

If you are already a member of Yahoo Groups, you can try signing up by sending an e-mail to:

Just be sure to send your e-mail from the address that is registered with Yahoo Groups.


margaret said...

What a wonderful surprise! I am going to sign up for the Shining Needle Society right now. Thanks Gay Ann, Kate and Marie-Terese. What fun this is already. Margaret

margaret said...

What a wonderful surprise. I am going to sign up right now for Shining Needle Society. Thanks Gay Ann, Kate and Marie Terese. This is so much fun already. Margaret