Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Butterfly Challenge in Needlepoint Now

For many years now Callaway has been my favorite needlework venue. We all call it Callaway, but officially it is the Needle Arts School at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain GA each January. It is just a wonderful experience and the present issue of the magazine Needlepoint Now has a great article on Callaway. A special thank you to Joyce Lukomski and her staff for writing about Callaway.

As a part of Needlepoint Now's celebration of Callaway, the magazine is also sponsoring a contest, the Butterfly Challenge. Why butterflies? Because of the wonderful butterfly house at Callaway. I am hoping many people will accept the challenge and stitch a butterfly or two. All the rules are in the present issue and I will include information how to buy a copy of the magazine at the end of this posting.

I am excited about the Butterfly Challenge and planning to spend some time on it in my classroom at Shining Needle Society. I am hoping I can convince many of my 'students' there to accept the challenge and work on designs for the contest. And speaking of Shining Needle Society, it is nearing 1000 members. Wow!

Gay Ann

How to Reach Needlepoint Now
phone: 804-732-9140 • fax: 804-732-5601

Subscription Information
Domestic Subscription $32
International Subscription $42

How to join Shining Needle Society:
write to Kate Gaunt ( for an invitation.
Membership is free.

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