Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mystery in a Corner: Information about Ordering the Pattern

Mystery in a Corner is a two-part geometric design.
The photo shows Part 1.
Part 2 is the Mystery.
Mysterious corners in mysterious patterns!

How the mystery works:
Registration is open from now until June 1 08.
I will mail Part 1 patterns between April 1 and June 15 08.
I will mail the Mysterious Part 2 patterns on or before July 15 08.

Ground fabric: 18-mesh canvas, 13" x 13"
or congress cloth if you wish (you must change the weight of the thread but it will work).

Now is the time to be creative!
Begin with an overdyed thread (such as Watercolours) and choose coordinating colors of metallic thread and pearl cotton, floss or silk. Try a color combination you have always toyed with trying or return to an old favorite and try some new threads.

Shining Needle Society:
Join our online classrooms and enjoy chatting with others about your progress and your choices.
Membership is free, just write to KateGaunt@aol.com

Price for Subscribers who register on or before June 1 08:
For single subscribers: $38.00 for both parts plus $10.00 for 2 mailings (Part 1 and Part 2).
For groups of 10 or more all mailed to a single leader: $32.00 per person, plus $4.00 for 2 mailings by Priority mail.
After June 1 08 there will be a price increase.

How to Register:
For single subscribers: send name, address and email to
For groups of 10 or more: send leader's name, address and email to

Payment in full is due on or before June 1 08.
Payment may be made by check or PayPal.
Please write to me for address: GayAnn@GayAnnRogers.com

If you have questions, please write.
Gay Ann

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