Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Scissors Treat This Morning!

Kate Gaunt found a listing on eBay for an old pair of scissors with mother of pearl handles. These are scarce and fragile and the fact that any survived at all is amazing as they are over 200 years old now. And here is a pair on eBay.

Kate's find was perfect timing because I had planned to post a photo of my own old and new ones.

I posted one of my favorite pairs of old ones and also the modern scissors with imitation mother of pearl handles that are now for sale in many needlework shops. Both are beautiful! Of course the old ones are so thin, intricate and delicate but they wouldn't hold up to use on our work (imagine trying to rip with them! -- on second thought, don't imagine: they wouldn't last 10 seconds!). That's the advantage of the new ones: they are much more sturdy and they preserve some of the beauty of the old ones.

Gay Ann
click on Scissors, then on thumbnail 15.

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