Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle, aka Boylemania, Revisited

I had a great time because I found a 'live stream' video of Britain's Got Talent and watched it in realtime. Amazing!
Sat on my couch, stitched and watched and listened to the whole program. I even exchanged several emails with a Brit friend who was watching and stitching at her house.

It's over. While the dance group 'Diversity' were incredible, my heart belongs to Susan Boyle. She sang her beautiful song better in the final than in her audition. She sang it with a subtlety, a greater depth and a bit of pathos that wasn't there the first time around. Maybe a realization that fame has a sting.

I was disappointed with the results, but then someone gave me a great idea!

I went to Amazon and signed up to be notified when Susan Boyle's first CD comes out.
Then I felt better. Likely this vote will make a greater difference to her life than had I been in the UK and been able to vote for her.

If you want to do the same, click on the URL below.

Gay Ann

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