Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scissors Finale, Part 2 Today

Earlier this morning I posted photographs of the 'house' I created for the scissors I bought on eBay.
I loved making this sewing case, even though the details took such a long time.

I had started the sewing case but hadn't planned the insides of it yet, ie I hadn't decided what tools I would use in it. Then I found an eBay listing for two pairs of scissors; at first I didn't think of them for the sewing case, I simply posted them on my website with the details of the sale. They were a 'Buy it Now' item and I thought they were pretty.

I watched the listing for about a week, all the while stitching on the sewing case. One day I looked at the scissors and thought 'perfect!' and bought them. They were just the right size and I love the way they look in the case and best of all, they are the same age as the house that served as my inspiration for the sewing case.

It is fun to look at eBay listings for antique needlework tools. When I find tools I like, I post notice of the auctions, photos of the tools and the details about the close of the auction and how many people have bid so far.

This morning, for example, I found a listing for a white opaline egg with tiny sewing tools. These eggs were trifles, toys made to delight the 19th century lady, and they are so charming. They are also very collectable and the prices they fetch are often very high.

Even though too high for many collectors' budgets, particularly today, I enjoy seeing them for sale, finding out the details and watching what happens with the auctions. And every once in a while, I find a great bargain! Isn't that always the hope of the collector.

To check eBay listings I have noted on my website, go to and click on eBay listings.
To see my sewing case with its eBay scissors, go to and click on Scissors, then on Scissors 17.

Gay Ann


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Gay Ann,

I have enjoyed looking at all those lovely scissors and these two are perfect for your wonderful scissor case.

I must say though that I am really not a collector of antiques, not a collector of scissors or anything like that actually.

With all this scissor talk, I may go ahead eventually and purchase a few pairs of "new" scissors (grinning).

I could also use another laying tool as I only have one which is made of metal, nothing exciting but does the job quite well :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Edy said...

That case is so cool! And so appropriate!