Sunday, June 21, 2009

12 Stitches a Day: I've Completed a Week

For 7 days I have added 12 Stitches a Day to a sewing case I am making. That's a week's worth of minimal stitching and I am surprised by the progress I have made, just by keeping at it each day.

Mid-week I counted wrong and had to rip out and correct my count. To make sure I was back on track, I ripped, figured out where I was and took about 50 stitches to make sure I was right. That day I spent about 20 minutes; otherwise I spent about 2 minutes a day stitching and an additional minute or so making certain I was set up for the next day. That's hardly a commercial break's time on the television!

When I compared the two photos on my website, I was quite surprised that so nominal amount of stitching time added up to a bit of progress.

Years ago my Mother-in-Law said, if you clean out a drawer a week (which isn't really that much), you will have cleaned out 52 drawers in a year's time. That's what made me try 12 Stitches a Day.

People have commented so far that it is difficult to stop at 12 stitches and they are right, it is. So go on a while if you wish, but not too long. I fear if you overdo one day, you won't return to it the next day, and the point is to work a bit each day.

The other secret I have found is making certain, at the end of one day that you are set up for the next day. Have the needle threaded and set to go.

So tomorrow begins Week 2 of 12 Stitches a Day.

Gay Ann

To see my progress: and click on "12 Stitches a Day" on the yellow navigation bar.

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