Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EGA's South Central Region Seminar

I am just home again from EGA's South Central Region Seminar in Dallas (actually in Arlington).

Super time! I posted photos from around the seminar on my website,, then click on Region Seminar.
The photos include an all-time favorite of Kate Gaunt and Marie-Therese Baker as they were standing at their Merchandise Night table right before the crowds descended. They weren't really selling, but were advertising Shining Needle Society and its classes. My, how the organization has grown!

As travel to seminars becomes more of a hassle and more expensive, Shining Needle Society is offering an alternative. As time goes on, and as we learn how to use more and more of the technology available, I wonder if we won't be able to bring the feeling of a seminar right into your computers. If it happens as I suspect it will, you will feel like you are attending a seminar, but you will be at home in your pj's.

The one element of real seminars that cyber-seminars won't be able to replace: seeing friends face to face. That's the joy of it all and the reason I had such a good time in Arlington!

Gay Ann

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