Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mystery in a Corner, Registration Reopened

The beginnings of Kim G.'s Mystery in a Corner, Part 1, is a dramatic one all in Halloween Colors.
The photos show the center started and the center finished. Many people are recording with their cameras the journey of Mystery in a Corner.

We have been having such a lively discussion about colors for Mystery in a Corner in my Shining Needle Society Classroom that I have had a flurry of requests to reopen sales for Mystery in a Corner. If you would like to see a wonderful variety of colors people have used for Mystery in a Corner, Part 1, visit my 'Galleries' on my website, and click on 'Galleries'

Last night I reopened sales for people who belong to Shining Needle Society. If you would like to work Mystery in a Corner and join our conversations about color, write to Kate Gaunt ( for an invitation. Membership is free.

Be sure to visit to see Shining Needle Society's new website.

Gay Ann

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