Friday, July 18, 2008

Almost Ready for EGA's BIG 50th Celebration!

I am excited to be teaching at EGA's big celebration seminar at the end of August.
I just posted photos and descriptions of the three classes I am teaching at seminar this year on my website.

I am teaching a big four-day sampler, one of my favorite, called A Hundred Flowers, after the poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, a two-day sewing case, a little Townhouse inspired by the row houses in a certain area of London (although many people have told me it looks like New Orleans houses) and a one day Redwork Friendship Sampler. A friend of mine says the little Crinoline Ladies on the Friendship Sampler look like they are the people who live in my Redwork Mystery House from last year. Maybe so.

To see my EGA projects go to and click on 'EGA Classes' on the Navigation Bar.

Right now I am absolutely mired down in Kit preparation and Mail Jail, for in addition to my EGA classes, I have reopened subscription to Mystery in a Corner for people who belong to Shining Needle Society and I have been selling a little perforated paper ornament on my website. It is almost more than I can do, but still nothing like my E-Merchandise Week was last year. That is the most I have ever packed and mailed! I don't know that I could have done it without my DH (whose organizational skills are ever so much better than mine).

This year I think I will do E-Merchandise Week again. I say this with some fear and trepidation, for DH has said that he plans to organize the whole thing this year. Has anyone ever had a husband reorganize the kitchen? Well, you know what I face then.

Meanwhile, on with Kits and Mail Jail.
Gay Ann

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Jeanne said...

Gay Ann,
I, too, am looking forward to Louisville! I won't be taking any of your classes, but I'll be sure to find you and introduce myself!

- Jeanne