Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mystery in a Corner, Shining Needle Society and Summer

Jeanne W's completed Mystery in a Corner. Thank you, Jeanne, for letting me use it here.

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us, Mystery in a Corner is winding down as the first completed mysteries trickle in. I have enjoyed the project and most of all, I have enjoyed the response to color.

Mystery in a Corner was a simple geometric. The stitches I used in it were basic, mostly techniques that someone would learn in lesson 2 or 3 of needlepoint. My idea was to take the emphasis off of technique and focus on color and texture. I am pleased it seems to have worked, as most of the discussions in my Shining Needle Society classroom have been about color choices and how they evolve as the stitcher stitches.

So it is approaching the end of Shining Needle's School Term, only one task left: FINAL EXAMS! August 1 is the beginning of Final Exam Month in my classroom at Shining Needle Society. And I have had a very interesting offer having to do with Mystery in a Corner and with its final exam. So stay tuned....

Gay Ann

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