Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank you for the Kind Remarks about Shining Needle Society

Here are some nice remarks about Shining Needle Society from its members.
I thought my readership might enjoy them.
Thank you! I am certain that Kate and Marie-Therese are delighted!
Gay Ann

From Barbi S.
I think we are seeing the next evolution in Needlepoint and reaching out to everyone across the continents. It's very cool to be a part of the Shining Needle Society.

From Pierrette P.
I think that Shining Needle Society is one of the best thing to have happened in our stitching world and I am saying that in all sincerity. For way too long we only had narrow options, but now everything has changed as our world has changed and we can use the internet to have access to some wonderful designers/teachers and be able to do great projects without having to leave our house. Only a few can go to all those seminars and the rest of us were left in the cold or so it felt. Now things are slowly changing and that is for the best as I have always believed that the goal should be to reach as many stitchers as possible if we want to keep this art alive and well.

From Sandi N.
I need also to say that I join those who thank you for this opportunity and for bringing the SNS to us. It will be a huge success I am sure! It certainly fills the niche we all are missing when we can't get off to Seminars or when our local groups don't offer us the challenges we seek. So easy and fun to join.

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